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Why Does HD Beauty Work With Skin Care Products With Growth Factors? |
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Sep 20th

Why does HD Beauty work with skin care products with growth factors?

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Growth factors are natural messenger proteins that allow communication between cells in our body. They work by repairing skin that is damaged from natural aging. As we age, our bodies produce low levels of natural growth factors and this results in more breakdown of collagen which is the foundational support to the skin. Research has asked if supplementing skin with topical growth factors enhance repair processes that aid in the reversal of skin aging. Multiple clinical studies show that topical application of growth factors reduce the signs and symptoms of skin aging including fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and increase in the production of collagen.
There are several topical growth products available on the market today. HD Beauty works with the latest in skin care ingredients that offer a variety of dermal growth factors.
The application of topical growth factors spans beyond a daily skin care regimen and is a valuable addition to our procedures like chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Removing the top layers of skin rejuvenates your skin primarily by triggering a healing response, resulting in the stimulation of growth factors to generate more collagen strengthening and rejuvenating the skin. Post-treatment application of growth factors topically will provide benefits by accelerating the healing process and improving overall skin repair. This will allow greater penetration of growth factors immediately after a procedure. Therefore combining growth factors with facial treatments should not only improve post-procedure recovery time but also provide a synergistic effect on skin rejuvenation.

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