Sep 18th

Why we love tinted sunscreen and base makeup

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Tinted sunscreen is a skincare product that combines sun protection with temporary color or pigmentation. These products are becoming more popular with time. Many tinted sunscreens are sold as makeup products, combining the benefits of foundation makeup with ultraviolet A protection and anti-aging.
Traditional sunscreen products are colorless lotions or sprays that are designed to absorb directly into the skin, sometimes leaving a white trace.
Tinted sunscreen is somewhat different in that it delivers both color and sun protection. These look great on your skin before you put your foundation application! Sunscreen lotions that deliver both sunburn protection and the glow of a tan are quite popular and the only sunscreens we sell at HD Beauty.
Foundation’s are one of the most common places to have tinted sunscreen, also known as “base makeup.” More and more makeup manufacturers are automatically including ultraviolet A (UVA)and ultraviolet B (UVB) protection in their foundations, and doing so creates tinted sunscreen products. HD Beauty’s mineral makeup contains UVA/UVB
protection along with other vitamins to help protect and nourish your skin. Call HD Beauty today to find your best tinted sunscreen or base makeup!

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