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Be Your Own Makeup Artist: Professional Makeup Application Tips For Eyes |
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Feb 28th

Be Your Own Makeup Artist: Professional Makeup Application Tips for Eyes

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Although you may want to visit our salon or inquire about our mobile makeup application services for special events and weddings,  we’ve created a guide for professional makeup artistry tips you can use at home.

When applying eye makeup the same principles apply for contouring-

Highlighters or light colors make an eye look more advanced, larger
Shades or darker colors make the eye recede, appear further away

For professional eye makeup application, the first thing you will need to do is identify the shape of your eye(most can be roughly grouped or combine the following).

A- Almond eyes (The perfect eye shape because of it’s balanced proportions)
Example: Megan Fox

B- Protruding eyes (Characterized by the bulge from socket to lash line, sometimes from the bottom lash line to the under eye area)  This area is large and open
Example: Susan Sarandon

C- Down Turned eyes (Characterized by the downward slope at the corners, they are usually wide set apart)
Example: Brittany Spears

D- Small eyes (Characterized by their small size in comparison to your other facial features)
Example: Kristen Bell

E- Hooded eyes (Characterized by folds of skin that hangs over the socket line, this happens with age as the skin looses it’s elasticity)
Example: Rene Zellweger

F- Round eyes (Characterized by thier sherical shape)
Example: Winona Rider

G- Deep Set eyes (Characterized by how deep the eye is positioned within the socket line)
Example: Cher

H- Wide Set eyes (Perfect proportional distance between the eyes is one “eye width”)
Example: Monica- the singer

I- Close Set eyes (Space between the eyes is less than eye width apart)
Example: Paris Hilton

*Please note both of your eyes may not be symmetrical with one another.. i.e. The right eye might be balanced while the left lid is smaller.

Which group/groups do you fall under?

Now let’s get to work:

A- Professional Makeup Application for Almond eyes
Any of the following eye makeup techniques are suitable, this is considered the perfect eye shape.

B- Professional Makeup Application for Protruding eyes
Your goal is to diguise the bulginess of the eye and lesson the wide open affect.  Use medium to dark matte colors, lighter colors will accentuate bulginess rather than conceal. Apply a dark matte color to the lid and blend upwards leavind a space for the highlight color below the brow. The best eye technique for this eye shape is smoked. For EYELINER follow lash line, using a brush, smudge the line slightly upward and outward to avoid attention to area. Eyeliner is going to make the eye appear as if it retreats back into the face.

C-  Professional Makeup Application for Down Turned eyes
Your goal is to make eyes appear upturned and open.  Apply a liner close to the uppper lash line and smudge upward at the outer corner to aviod a harsh line. Blend a shape upward and outward form the socket line to make the eyes appear lifted. Balance the eye by extending the liner slightly on the inner corner.  EYELINER on the lower lash line should also be applied in a upward motion. Curl the lashes and apply mascara, especially outer corners.

D- Professional Makeup Application for Small eyes
Your goal is to make the eyes appear larger. Use highlight colors. Play up your lips and cheeks, keeping the eyes fresh and open in appearance. You can also add a darker shade to the outer edges to give lenght. Curl your lashes to open your eyes and apply mascara, especially the outer corners. False lashes look great for making your eyes appear larger as well as keeping your eyebrows tidy.

E- Professional Makeup Application for Hooded eyes
Your goal is to make sure your eye shadows are blended well. Medium to dark colors are best for your lid. Smoked or socket eye techniques are best for this eye shape.

F- Professional Makeup Application for Round eyes
Your goal is to elongate and give shape to the eye, making it appear less round. Use liner on the top and lower lash lines, follow the natural line and extend beyond the natural lenght of the eye. Use a light to medium color on your lid, concentrate on the outer corners by blending up and out. Provided the eyes are not close set, you may extend the liner on the inner upper corners to further elogate your eye. Curl your lashes and apply mascara, especially the outer corners of the eye.

G- Professional Makeup Application for Deep Set eyes
Your goal is to make your lid appear larger and further forward, to reduce the appearance of the area above the socket line. To correct the socket line- use a highlight color on your lid and a deeper color along the socket line, blend upward to add contour to the eye. This will reduce the appearance of the brow bone area. Socket or classic eye techniques work best.

H- Professional Makeup Application for Wide-Set eyes
Your goal is to make the eyes appear closer together. Apply a natural color(one or two shaed darker than your skin) and work it threw the inner corner and slightly donw towards the sides of your nose. This brings the eye closer together. Apply dark liner or shadow to emphasize the inner corner of eye. Your eyebrows may need correction, use powder or liner to give brows a new starting piont, little closer than they naturally are. Curl lashes and apply mascara, do not apply to much mascara to outer corners of eyes.

I- Professional Makeup Application for Close-Set eyes
Your goal is to create space between your eyes. Apply a lighter color to the inner corners of the eyes. Dark colors are best for use on the outer corners, blend upward and outward. This extends the eye and bring attention to the outer corners. Remove any brow hair that are growing beyond the inner corner of your eye. If you want liner- apply it in the outer corners. Curl lashes and apply mascara, especially your outer corners.

  1. Carissa
    March 22, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    Thank you for the great advice! I’m always looking for tips speed up my makeup application. This really helps!


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